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[texts]DESCANSO Design & Performance Summary Series - Article 14 Mars Science Laboratory Telecommunications System Design - Andre Makovsky

Keywords: NASA; JPL; msl; figure; uhf; antenna; rover; edl; spacecraft; data; descent; launch; descent stage; deep space; cruise stage; block diagram; jet propulsion; telecom components; data rates; science laboratory; mars science; data rate; waveguide transfer; telecom subsystem; surface operations; msl mission; launch period; landing site; gain antenna; uhf antenna; uhf relay; space communications; sky crane; launch vehicle; uhf telecom; transfer switches; transfer switch
Downloads: 25
[texts]DESCANSO Design & Performance Summary Series - Article 7 Deep Space 1 Navigation: Extended Missions - Brian Kennedy

Keywords: NASA; JPL; spacecraft; ips; trajectory; thrust; tracking; navigation; encounter; star; borrelly; software; deep space; tracking software; thrust profile; borrelly encounter; ips thrust; stray light; flight team; trajectory profile; jet propulsion; extended mission; comet borrelly; reference star; rcs activity; range data; optical navigation; nucleus tracking; ion propulsion; thrust stars; spacecraft attitude; solar conjunction; search software; propulsion system; performance summary; micas camera; doppler residuals
Downloads: 14
[texts]DESCANSO Design & Performance Summary Series - Article 8 Deep Space 1 Navigation: Primary Mission - Brian Kennedy

Keywords: NASA; JPL; autonav; spacecraft; ips; navigation; thrust; data; tcm; nav; onboard; encounter; optical navigation; orbit determination; mission burn; ips thrust; radio navigation; navigation technology; image processing; data arc; ips thrusting; deep space; attitude control; maneuver planning; ion propulsion; scattered light; propulsion system; navigation description; control system; spacecraft position; nav main; maneuver file; flight software; autonav system; tracking data; thrust vector; thrust levels
Downloads: 21
[texts]Vesper Book: Containing The Complete Order For Vespers For The Entire Year, According To The Roman Breviary ... - Catholic Church
Vesper Book: Containing The Complete Order For Vespers For The Entire Year, According To The Roman Breviary : Including The Proper Offices Of The Saints Of England, Scotland, And Ireland, And Of The Society Of Jesus : The Ferial Vespers, And All The New Officers Of Lent And Other Seasons Hitherto Untranslated: With The Order For The Burial Of The Dead, The Rite Of Benediction Of The Blessed Sacrament...
Keywords: Vespers -- Texts; Catholic Church -- Liturgy -- Texts; Jesuits -- Prayers And Devotions
Downloads: 3
[texts]Practical observations on the British grasses : especially such as are best adapted to the laying down or improving of meadows and pastures : to which is added an enumeration of the British grasses - Curtis, William 1746-1799
This work first published in 1790
Keywords: Grasses
Downloads: 8
[texts]DESCANSO Deep Space Network 50th Anniversary Celebration Symposium - Doug Mudgway
DSN 50th Anniversary Symposium Program The First 50 Years: A Historical Perspective Introduction to the DSN and its Operations The Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex The View from Down Under The Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex The DSN: The Most Important Science Tool of the last 50 Years? How DSN Technology Changed the World DSN's Future: Panel Interactive Discussions with the Audience
Keywords: NASA; JPL; network; dsn; directorate; interplanetary; space; mars; jet propulsion laboratory; california institute of technology; network directorate; deep space; interplanetary network; export controlled; technical data; space network; solar system
Downloads: 14
[texts]Return to two addresses of the House of Lords, dated 3d June 1864 and 16 July 1864 - Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords
Oates Collection (Slavery)
Downloads: 116
[texts]Obamas Contempt and Control Over The Courts - J
Please don't allow this document to be censored off the internet. Instead please distribute it to everyone worldwide via the four winds without delay. Obama's Contempt and Control Over The Courts Georgia Eligibility Hearing 2012 Detailed Chronological Report
Keywords: Obamas Contempt and Control Over The Courts; Georgia Eligibility Hearing; NewWorldSurival; GrowFreedom
Downloads: 22
[texts]1. Humanities Anthropological J A H Khatri - J A H Khatri & Lucinda Laishram
Proverbs are the specified speech genres, which play an important role in the cultural system of the given community. People exhibit their linguistic proficiency and the eco-cultural knowledge by using appropriate proverbs whenever the need be. Present paper tries to investigate the cultural embedded-ness of the proverbs from Manipur, a small state in North-East India. Various aspects of the Manipuri culture have been represented through the handful of proverbs...
Keywords: Proverbs; Anthropological Linguistic; Manipur (i); Encoding
Downloads: 107
[texts]Evolution Gossypium - J B Hutchinson; RA Silow; SG Stephens
Hutchinson, J.B.; Silow, R.A. ; Stephens, S.G. (1947) The Evolution Of Gossypium And The Differentiation Of The Cultivated Cottons. Geoffrey Cumberlege, Oxford University Press. London.
Keywords: evolution; agriculture; cotton
Downloads: 88
[texts]FIT22 self evaluations of nine agricultural projects - J Bentley, E Boa
Illustrated account of nine applied technology projects in agriculture, in Bolivia. The people who did the projects looked at their own efforts and offer fresh insights on what worked and what didn't - and how to do things better next time
Keywords: AGriculture; extension; Bolivia; self-evaluation
Downloads: 59
[texts]practical_forecasting_for_managers - J C Nash
Practical Forecasting for Managers by John C Nash and Mary M Nash,originally published by Arnold: London 2001. Rights reverted to authors.
Keywords: business and managerial forecasting
Downloads: 8
[texts]THE HISTORY OF THE FREY FAMILY by Emma Frey 1969 - J Clement
This is a family history memoir written by Emma Frey Campbell. It gives the history and geneology of the family descended from Jacob L Frey and Henrietta Heckscher who emigrated to the US in the mid 1800s from Germany. It has been edited by John M. Clement, Emma's great nephew. It includes pictures of the family members. Emma's memory was excellent for many details, but she provided no dates. Emma Frey Campbell was an incurable optomist...
Keywords: Jacob Frei; Jacob Frei; Henrietta Heckscher; Emma Frey; Rockaway NY
Downloads: 366
[texts]Lecture Notes on Special Relativity - J D Cresser
Contents: Introduction: What is Relativity?; Frames of Reference; Newtonian Relativity; Einsteinian Relativity;Geometry of Flat Spacetime; Electrodynamics in Special Relativity. Lecture Notes Collection ID2319 Obtained from
Keywords: Special Relativity
Downloads: 178
[texts]M & R: A Regimental History of the Sikh Light Infantry 1941-1947 - J D Hookway
This book, first published in 1999, tells the early history of the Mazhbi and Ramdasia Sikh Regiment. It was raised as an infantry regiment in wartime in 1941, at a period of intense crisis and confusion. There were unusual difficulties to be faced on raising. There was no Training Centre, no pool of trained junior leaders, no established recruiting system. Army instructional manuals were of little use initially because only a handful of our intake of Mazhbi and Ramdasia Sikhs could read or writ...
Keywords: Sikh; Pioneer; Light; Infantry; Regiment; Army; India; Mazhbi; Ramdasia; History; Association; M&R
Downloads: 1,508
[texts]Website Creation As Easy As 1 2 3 - J E Phillips
The purpose of this eBook is to provide useful information to anyone new to website design. I have pulled together research from all over the web hoping that it will shorten your website design learning curve. Website creation is a challenging, but rewarding, pursuit and I applaud your learning efforts.
Keywords: website design; website creation
Downloads: 33
[texts]JESSE & PATRICIA (WILSON) DAVIS - Connected & Collateral Lines - J F Davis
This site provides links to our family trees. We include ALL connected and collateral lines as the data is available. Changes and additions are made often. It includes DAVIS, NEVEL, BRUMBAUGH, COONEY, WILSON, BOWLBY, JUDY, PETRY and many other surnames.
Keywords: test item
Downloads: 14
[texts]Poultry India - J J Valois
Valois, JJ (1943) Poultry in India. Christian Literature Society for India.
Keywords: India; poultry; animal husbandry
Downloads: 148
[texts]19. Eng Optimized Consumption And Access Of Remote Pawar Ajit Tanaji - J Kumaran, Pawar Ajit Tanaji & Allampati Rakesh
Mobile cloud computing has been introduced to be a potential technology for mobile services, Together with an explosive growth of the mobile applications and emerging of cloud computing concept. End-user demands to run heavier applications are equally increasing, as mobile device popularity grows. Mobile cloud computing integrates the cloud computing into the mobile environment and overcomes obstacles related to the performance environment and security discussed in mobile computing...
Keywords: Mobile Cloud Computing; Mobile Devices; Device Battery Lifetime; Bandwidth; Interaction Latency
Downloads: 16
[texts]J Michael Dowd Campaign Finance Report - J Michael Dowd
Northampton County council campaign finance report
Keywords: J Michael Dowd; Northampton County; campaign finance
Downloads: 182
Downloads: 68
[texts]DARIEN-1854 - J T Headley [John Tyler Headley]
TITLE: Darien Exploring Expedition (1854) SOURCE: Harper's New Monthly Magazine March 1855 (article) NOTE: Illustrated.
Keywords: Darien; Panama; Exploring, Expedition, jungle; USN; United States Navy; [John Minor] Maury; [Isaac] Strain, illustrated
Downloads: 155 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[texts]Finite Geometries - J ̈urgen Bierbrauer
Contents: Finite Fields 2 Pro jective geometries 3 The link to codes 4 An application: resilient functions 5 Arcs in pro jective planes 6 Symmetric bilinear forms 7 Symplectic bilinear forms 8 Quadratic forms in characteristic 2 9 Unitary bilinear forms 10 Quadrics in P G(2, q) and in P G(3, q) 11 Designs, pro jective planes and GQ 12 The small Witt designs 13 Symmetry groups 14 Generators and Spreads 15 Reed-Muller codes and Kerdock codes 16 Pro jective planes 17 Generalized polygons 18 Diagram...
Keywords: Finite Geometry
Downloads: 10
PSYCHOTHERAPY - This book describes the origin of behavior disorders and the psychoneuroses especially as regards their causes in early childhood, with a view to their successful treatment.
Downloads: 602
[texts]A Study of World War II German Fire Fatalities - J. A. Keller
A Study of World War II German Fire Fatalities, by J. A. Keller, Dirkwood Corporation, 1966, report DC-TN-1050-3
Keywords: Firestorm; WWII; Keller; Dirkwood Corporation; firestorms; DC-TN-1050-3
Downloads: 176
[texts]The Authority of the Believer by MacMillan - J. A. MacMillan
The abundant life of a believer
Keywords: Christianity
Downloads: 216
[texts]Species and Subspecies New to Science Described by Prof. J.A.QUARTAU - J. A. Quartau
Prof. J. A.Quartau main research interests have been studies on patterns of variation and adaptation in selected species of insects (Hemiptera, Cicadomorpha) with a view to a better understanding of their adaptive roles and strategies, as well as of the divergence process in closely related forms, the basis of speciation. He has used a multifactor approach involving mostly systematics, ecology, acoustic behaviour and genetics...
Keywords: Insectos; Insectes; Insects; Insecta; Hemiptera; Hemipteros; Homopteros; Homoptera; Cicadomorpha; Lepidoptera; Lepidopteros; Ommatissopyrops lusitanicus
Downloads: 100
[texts]Bombay Plague - J. A. Turner
Turner, J.A. (1907) Report : history of plague in Bombay from 1896-1907
Keywords: India; plague; medical history
Downloads: 92
[texts]Mongol Language Competencies for Peace Corps Volunteers in Mongolia - J. Amraa and others
The textbook for Mongolian is designed for the language training of Peace Corps volunteers serving in Mongolia, and intended for use with an instructor. Each lesson is based on a specific language use competency, and lessons are organized according to ten themes. Lessons contain a dialogue, vocabulary, grammar notes, supplementary vocabulary in some cases, and exercises to reinforce learning. Cultural notes are included within each theme...
Keywords: Mongolian; Mongolian Language; Dialogue (Language); Grammar; Mongol; Mongol Language; Peace Corps Manuals; Mongolia
Downloads: 2,203 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]English-Mongolian Phrase Book - J. Amraa; S. Nadya
The phrase book is intended for use by Peace Corps workers in Mongolia, and reflects daily communication needs in that context. Phrases and vocabulary are presented first in English, then in Mongolian translation (in Cyrillic alphabet), on the following topics: greetings and introductions; discussing work; expressing thanks and congratulations; apologies; discussing language and clarifying communication; family and age; questions; personal and demonstrative pronouns; making requests; giving and ...
Keywords: Mongolian; Mongolian Language; Dialogue (Language); Phrase Books; Phrases; Mongol; Mongol Language; Peace Corps Manuals; Mongolia
Downloads: 5,688
[texts]De Administrando Imperio [On the Governance of the Empire] - J. B. Bury
This study by the great historian J. B. Bury appeared in Byzantinische Zeitschrift (Leipzig, 1906) pp. 517-577. It is a description and analysis of the 10th century Byzantine emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus' manual known as De Administrando Imperio. This document was written by the emperor in 948-952 for his son and heir Romanus II, as a guide to foreign and domestic policies. It describes, among many other things, the histories and characters of the nations neighboring the Empire or inc...
Keywords: History; Historical; Medieval; Byzantium; Byzantine; Empire; Court; Foreign Policy
Downloads: 1,893
[texts]A History of Greece to the Death of Alexander the Great - J. B. Bury
This is a scholarly work which is also easily accessible to the general public. Chapters: 1. The Beginnings of Greece and the Heroic Age; 2. The Expansion of Greece; 3. Growth of Sparta; 4. The Union of Attica and the Foundation of the Athenian Democracy; 5. Growth of Athens; 6. The Advance of Persia to the Aegean; 7. The Perils of Greece. The Persian and Punic Invasions; 8. The Foundation of the Athenian Empire; 9...
Keywords: History; Historical; Ancient; Greece; Greek; Macedonia; Macedonian; Iran; Persia; Alexander; Asia Minor; Far East
Downloads: 3,244
[texts]The Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians - J. B. Bury
This material is presented in fifteen very readable lectures delivered by the great historian J. B. Bury. The Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians (London, 1928) contains: 1. The Germans and Their Wanderings; 2. The Roman Empire and the Germans; 3. The Clash of Roman and Barbarian; 4. The Visigothic Entry into the Empire; 5. The Raiding of Italy and Gaul; 6. The Visigoths in Italy and Gaul; 7. Gaul, Spain, and Africa in Transition; 8...
Keywords: History; Medieval; Europe; European; Invasions; Barbarian; Caucasus; Caucasian; nomads; Huns; Avars; Altaica; Turkic; Roman; Republic; Empire; Byzantium; Byzantine; Iran; Persia
Downloads: 1,233
[texts]The Empire of the Khazars and the Peoples of the North - J. B. Bury
This study, which appeared as Chapter 13 of J. B. Bury's excellent History of the Eastern Roman Empire (London, 1912), examines Arabic, Armenian, Greek, Persian, and Syriac sources on the history of the Turkic Khazar Empire (7-10th centuries). The Khazars, whose leadership converted to Judaism in the 9th century, posed a grave danger at times to Byzantium as well as to the Muslim world. "The Empire of the Khazars and the Peoples of the North" (pages 402-426) treats: 1...
Keywords: History; Medieval; Khazars; Caucasus; Caucasian; Turkic; Altaica; Turco-Mongolica; Judaism; Jews; Armenia; Armenian; Georgia; pre-Turkic Azerbaijan; Byzantium; Byzantine; Empire; Iran; Persia; Caliphate; Russia; Hungary; Magyars; Caspian; Trade
Downloads: 2,214
[texts]Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, a Popular Journal of General Literature, Volume 45 - J. B. Lippincott and Company, 1890
Title: Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, a Popular Journal of General Literature, Volume 45 (January to June 1890). Publisher: J. B. Lippincott and Company, 1890. The Sherlock Holmes novel "The Sign of the Four" by Arthur Conan Doyle was first published here. Source: Book digitized by Google, and uploaded to the Internet Archive by a user.
Keywords: magazine; lippincott; sherlock holmes
Downloads: 227
[texts]A Complete List of the Names of the Authors whose works are printed in the Greek Series of Migne's Patrologia - J. B. Pearson, D.D.
"A Complete List of the Names of the Authors whose works are printed in the Greek Series of Migne's Patrologia" compiled by J.B. Pearson, D.D. Published Cambridge, 1882. or: "Conspectus auctorum quorum nomina indicibus patrologiae graeco-latine a J. P. Migne editae continentur".
Keywords: Migne; Patrologia Graeca; Pearson
Downloads: 351
[texts]UofO VP to Professor: Notice under the Libel and Slander Act for UofOWatch blog - J. Bruce Carr-Harris, Partner-BLG
University of Ottawa VP-Resouces Victor Simon hires BLG law firm to serve this Notice under the Libel and Slander Act of Canada to Professor Denis G. Rancourt for his postings about Simon on the blog.
Keywords: Denis Rancourt; University of Ottawa; UofOWatch; Victor Simon; BLG
Downloads: 223
[texts]COMPANIES OF THE DIVINE - J. Bruce Langley
Companies of the Divine is an examination of the compilation of the King James Bible and important issues relevant to its production,.
Keywords: King James Bible; bible text; bible compilation
Downloads: 3
[texts]Educational Reform India - J. C. Basak
Basak, J C (1935) Educational reformation in India by experience. Dayalbagh Press, Agra
Keywords: India; education; history
Downloads: 152
[texts]A Little Of The Life History Of J. C. Bolander - J. C. Bolander
A Little Of The Life History Of J. C. Bolander
Keywords: J. C. Bolander
Downloads: 7
[texts]Marketing Western New York (Finger Lakes Section) Grapes: Summary of the 1941 Season - J. C. Keller and A. L. Thomas
This summary is a cooperation between the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service and the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, Bureau of Markets.  It provides a brief review of the 1941 season and contains production figures of grapes for the United States (by state, 1937-1941), statistics on carlot shipment of grapes and pricing information.  7 pages...
Keywords: NYS; New York State; Horticulture; Agriculture; Fruit; Grape; Grapes; Vine; Vineyard; Vineyards; Vitis; Grower; Berry; Berries; Packaging; Climax Basket; Freight; Shipping; Economics; American Wine; Railroad; Statistics; Concord; Finger Lakes; CNY; Juice; Food; Table Grapes; Jelly
Downloads: 34
[texts]Marketing Western New York Grapes: Summary of 1942 Season - J. C. Keller and A. L. Thomas
This summary is a cooperation between the United States Department of Agriculture, Food Distribution Administration and the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, Bureau of Markets.  It provides a brief review of the 1942 season and contains production figures for the United States (by state, 1930-1942) as well as numbers of carlot shipments and pricing information.  4 pages.Digitized by Cornell's Frank A...
Keywords: NYS; New York State; Horticulture; Agriculture; Fruit; Grape; Grapes; Vine; Vineyard; Vineyards; Vitis; Grower; Berry; Berries; Packaging; Climax Basket; Freight; Shipping; Economics; Agricultural Economics; American Wine; Railroad; Statistics; Concord; Finger Lakes; CNY; Juice; Food; Table Grapes; Jelly
Downloads: 54
[texts]Kurtzweiliges Gespräch, oder BauernDisputation eines BayrischTyrolerischSchwäbisch und Schwartzwälderischen Bauren, welche unlängst in einem Wirthshaus zusammen getroffen ... durch J. C. M. in folgende Reimen geloffen - J. C. M.

Keywords: bub_upload
[texts]Powell (1967) A Definition of Experience Based on a Primitive Learning Model - J. C. POWELL
Experience is defined in terms of the interaction between two models, an environment model and a primitive learner model. The latter is so constructed to be a legitimate element of the former and so as to have some interesting implications for human and animal performance which it purports to simulate.
Keywords: learning-model; environment-model; learner-model; primative-learner
Downloads: 13
[texts]Tarapore ( 1933) Pahlavi Andarz Namak - J. C. Tarapore
J. C. Tarapore, Pahlavi Andarz-Namak, Bombay, 1933.
Keywords: Tarapore; Pahlavi; Andarz; Namak
Downloads: 217
[texts]CASE_44_Spreader_D1506_ - J. Case Company
This is an Manual of Setting Up and Operations for Attaching Case Spreader Model 44, Form D 1506 2500-4-49-MPCo.; published by J. Case Company, Racine, Wisconsin, Form 5374 2500; April 1949. No copyright notice evident, Public Domain under Rule 5 of the United States Copyright Statutes. Dimensions of are: 6" width by 9" height and weight 41grams; 24 pages. Etext created by Gerard Arthus.
Keywords: farm; agriculture; case; operators manual; j. case company; racine; wisconsin; form D 1506; 2500-4-49-MPCo; 44; spreader; manual
Downloads: 240
[texts]Verse - J. Chris Bourdier
"The Verse in Numbers", a non-canonical guide to the universe ('Verse) of Joss Whedon's TV series Firefly (and Serenity).
Keywords: Firefly; Serenity; RPG; roleplaying; canon; AU; world building
Downloads: 51
[texts]Minerals India - J. Coggin Brown
Brown, J. Coggin (1936) India's Mineral Wealth. Oxford University press.
Keywords: India; geology
Downloads: 327
[texts]Trial of New Varieties of Hops for New York - J. D. Harlan
This is Bulletin no.687 (July 1939) from the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva NY. Digitized by Cornell's Frank A. Lee Library, NYSAES, Geneva NY.
Keywords: Hops; Beer; Brewing; Fermentation; Science; Agriculture; Horticulture; Farming; Beverage; Alcohol; Flower; Brewer's Gold; Bullion; Fuggle; Hop Yard; Brewer's Favorite; Cat's Tails; Millstate; Late Cluster; Waterville NY; Resin; NYSAES; New York State Agricultural Experiment Station
Downloads: 4
[texts]Literature And Social Criticism A Case Study Of Canadian Author Farley Mowat By David Towler - J. David Towler
A unique Masters Thesis on Canadian author Farley Mowat (1st ever done at the post-secondary level), includes transcripts of interviews with Farley and his late Publisher/friend Jack McClelland of McClelland & Stewart Publishing.
Keywords: Farley Mowat; Jack McClelland; Canada; Canadian; Author; Social Critic; Environmentalist; Interview Transcripts; Masters Thesis
Downloads: 195
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